While not every project fits into a standard process, the following represents a typical step by step chronology:

Phase I - Schematic/Conceptual Design
  1. Initial client meeting at project site. Determine: scope of work, design criteria, issues, concerns, feasibility. Begin budget discussion.
  2. Code search – investigate and determine governing agency ordinances, codes and review process
  3. Site measurements and base sheet preparation
  4. Develop conceptual alternatives. Illustrate with plan and or elevations. Plan to include character and location of features and/or materials; lighting, hardscape, plantings, and site furnishings (furniture, pottery, sculpture, etc)
  5. Client meeting (in person or via phone) to review design and receive client feedback
  6. Interim design (if applicable); Repeat steps 4 and 5
  7. Approval of conceptual design
*Client may wish to obtain a preliminary cost estimate at this phase.

Phase II - Construction Documents
  1. Construction Drawings for approved design. Provide detailed drawings necessary for obtaining competitive bids. Plans could include a Layout or Site Plan, Demolition Plan, Tree Protection Plan, Grading and Drainage Plan, Irrigation Plan, Planting Plan, Lighting Plan and Construction Details. At a minimum we can provide a Site Plan and a Planting Plan. For some clients these may be combined on one plan.
  2. Coordination of sub-consultants if necessary, ie. land surveyor, arborist, environmental consultant; structural, geotechnical or civil engineer, etc.
  3. Client meeting to review final plans and selected plant material
  4. Revise drawings as needed pending outcome of meeting (step 3)
*Some municipalities require submittal of specific drawings and/or data in addition to construction documents.

Phase III - Invitation to Bid
  1. Send drawings to contractor(s) to receive bid(s) for project installation
Phase IV - Cost/Engineering and Revisions (if Applicable)
  1. Revise drawings to meet any budget restrictions.
  2. Repeat Phase III
Phase V - Project Management/Additional Services
Client may contract landscape architect to oversee project construction or to perform additional design services.
  1. Plant procurement and spotting
  2. Coordination of materials with fabricators
  3. Periodic site meetings with contractor and/or client during construction
Phase VI - Post Construction
  1. Review client satisfaction with final design implementation
  2. Generate punch list
  3. Coordination with gardener or homeowner to evaluate on-going maintenance
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